My name is Glenn Wolsey (pronounced Wool-Z) and I live in the beautiful country of New Zealand.

I've been a self proclaimed 'Apple fanatic' since I purchased my first Apple product, the 3rd Generation iPod in 2003.


I went iPad only with the release of the iPad Air 2 in late-2014. I have a Mac mini in the cupboard which serves as an automation machine, and enables me to backup my photo and music collections to the cloud via Backblaze.

Accompanying me in my pocket at any time I expect to remain dry, is the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus in Silver. I listen to music with the aesthetically beautiful aluminium Beats Studio Wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

Before my current setup, I've used (in reverse order) the MacBook Pro 15", MacBook Air 11", MacBook Air 13", MacBook Pro 13", iMac 27", MacBook Pro 15", MacBook 13" (Plastic), original quad core Mac Pro, and my first Mac - the iMac G5.

In the living room, I've got a 1080p Apple TV hooked up to a 50" Samsung Smart LED TV. I send video content via AirPlay to the Apple TV using Beamer.

My favourite micro-fibre cleaning cloths are scattered in various spots around my house to keep the screens on my devices clear of fingerprints.


While changing on a regular basis, my 'stable' of software consists of:

Things - My to-do manager of choice across both platforms, OS X and iOS. Things by Cultured Code has been my go to project manager for the past 4+ years.

Writer Pro - The majority of the content on this weblog, including this Colophon page you're reading right now was written in Writer using John Gruber's fabulous Markdown.

Pocket - The iOS application in conjunction with the native Mac application are fed in via the Safari bookmarklet. Pocket stores hundreds upon hundreds of articles, photos, and videos I've noted interested in catching up on in my own time.

Tweetbot - I've tried a number of Twitter clients since launch six years ago. Tweetbot by Tapbots is the one that's stuck. I can't get enough of the unique styling and attention to detail Tapbots have put into Tweetbot. iCloud sync is brilliant to keep up with my Twitter stream across multiple devices.

Arq + Amazon S3 - While I've never had the experience of a hard-drive dying on me, I have experienced losing my data in a completely different way - theft. Arq backs up my entire home directory, along with my external storage drives to Amazon's insanely cheap and redundant Glacier service every hour, on the hour. This gives me piece of mind knowing if something catastrophic happened to my local data or my MacBook Pro went missing, my data would be only a number of hours away from restoration. Check out my full backup strategy here.


I endeavour to reply to each and every email I receive from readers in a timely manner. Feel free to touch base with me regarding any issue, question, or suggestion here.

If you'd prefer to communicate in a shorter format, feel free to get in touch via Twitter.